Do I Need a Copywriter for My Website?

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There’s a crucial aspect of website design that often gets overlooked but determines how well your website will convert – professional copywriting.

In my experience working with diverse clients, I’ve noticed a recurring pattern when it comes to self-written website copy. There are two camps – those who provide a few sentences for a whole webpage and those who submit their entire resume and life story. Both camps miss the mark.

Now, I get it. You’re an intelligent and experienced business owner. You’re adept at writing emails, newsletters, social media and blog posts. You’ve been honing your craft for years, and it’s only natural to think you’re the obvious choice to write your own website copy. However, there’s a catch.

You Are Not a Copywriter

Knowledge about your business and industry doesn’t automatically transfer to other skill sets. You will still need a website copywriter.

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I’ve seen content submitted by virtual assistants, business partners, aspiring coaches, attorneys, and even a magazine writer. None of it was suitable for web use.

Writing copy for your website is a unique challenge. It requires the expertise of a professional copywriter – someone well-versed in best practices, current trends, and with years of experience in your industry.

Your website’s words consist of content (to educate or build relationships) and copy (to persuade or sell). While many business owners are adept at writing content, crafting persuasive copy is an entirely new ballgame.

Good Website Copy is Based on SEO

Your website’s success hinges on being found by the right audience. That’s my job – to drive traffic to your site. Once visitors land on your homepage, the copy needs to guide readers to scroll, click, and ultimately submit your contact form.

These roles are interdependent, involving elements like keywords, focus phrases, meta descriptions, alt tags, etc., all of which contribute to search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you understand SEO as well as a professional copywriter? If not, the words you deliver might be content, not copy, and we’ll end up starting from scratch. Trying to save money by writing your own web copy will likely backfire, because starting over will take more time and cost more money.

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Top 3 Traits of Good Copy

Good copy is structured for website visitors.

Online readers tend to scan, seeking information that’s straightforward and easy to understand. Copywriters know how to structure content for easy scanning: short paragraphs, compelling headlines and clear calls-to-action. Can you deliver this level of readability?

Good copy is focused on your audience, not you.

Every line of your website copy should be relevant to how you can help your readers. A common mistake is focusing on your services or qualifications rather than what your visitors care about.

  • Your visitors don’t care about how you developed your unique methodology.
  • They don’t care about your MBA, or that you love yoga and walking your dogs on the beach.
  • In most cases, they don’t care about your business or lifestyle at all.

They are interested in you if and only if they believe you can help them meet their own needs.

Harsh, yeah, I know. But it’s true. Until you shift your focus, your copy risks becoming a monotonous litany of self-promotion that won’t attract new business.

Good copy sounds natural.

Professsional copywriters can write in your brand voice. It’s easy to make the mistake of trying to impress or showcase your expertise with complex language. But your website shouldn’t sound like your resume; it should sound more like the way you talk to your friends.

Your target audience, everyone from executives to stay-at-home moms, are busy and distracted. They don’t want to wade through sloppy messaging. Aim for a ninth-grade reading level – it’s clear, concise, and accessible. Make your website easy for them, or they’ll click away.

Choose Professional Copywriting for Your Website Project

My signature offer is a custom website integrated with a marketing plan and ongoing web care. It’s purpose is to generate new leads and relies upon conversion-focused copy.

I am such an advocate of hiring professionals to do specialized work that it’s included in the price of my website builds. I use seasoned copywriters who know SEO foundations and can perform keyword research.

Without good copy, your website won’t show up in search results, it won’t get any significant traffic, and you won’t see a return on your investment. Everything hinges on it, which is why you need an experienced website copywriter.

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The Savvy Solution

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