Client Story:  West Side Avengers

screenshot of PAL website page 1

The Client

Having joined up with a team for 48in48’s latest build event, I found myself assigned to a nonprofit organization with a comic book theme.

No one knows my deep love of comics, because it was lo, these many eons ago that I collected them, stored them in individual plastic sleeves, and yelled at any roommate who dared to touch them with their grubby little mitts.

The Challenge

As a late addition to the team and having missed out on the discovery process, I had a lot of questions about the nonprofit’s positioning statement and the founder’s marketing goals. The team echoed my confusion and I asked the project manager to call a meeting. Using interviewing techniques learned with my own clients, I was able to bring some much-needed clarity to what our website design needed to accomplish.

And I couldn’t let Sherry, the head Avenger, have inconsistent branding between her website and her Facebook page, now could I? No. So I made her a superhero on her coordinating cover page.

It was a real treat being a part of this team, and getting to Bam! and Pow! my way through some of the fun design elements. We were super-stoked to be recognized for going all out with the vibrant and bold comic theme – we won 3rd place!