Client Story:  Joshua & Co.

screenshot of PAL website page 1
screenshot of PAL website page 2

The Client

Joshua Eads has opened an upscale salon in Carmel, IN that specializes in the CNC non-surgical Hair Replacement System. It also offers a signature dry haircut.

CNC is an expensive procedure and the salon is in a high-income, old-money town. Joshua and Co. needed a captivating website that would reach its target audience through effective marketing. It must connote luxury and prestige to appeal to its audience. 

The Business

Competitors fall into two categories. There are a number of “mom & pop” salons around town, which are hesitant to charge for high-end products and services. There’s also a big corporation, which has good product, but does not have highly qualified staff.

The new website must convey Joshua’s high level of expertise and experience as a stylist, and it must educate visitors about the benefits of the CNC Hair Replacement system. To generate leads, the website must be built on a platform that is SEO-ready and that utilizes Google Analytics.

The Challenge

There were zero challenges on this project. I was introduced to Joshua through Jeanne, his social media manager. It was an absolute pleasure to work with someone who also has a deep understanding of digital marketing. I built a website that she now has to promote on social media – and the better she promotes it, the more website visits we get. It’s like a marriage made in Nerd Land.

Joshua is a stylist, and a very visual person, just like me. He was picky about photos for all the right reasons, and better choices were made because of his feedback.

The Solution

Joshua grew up in the salon and barber business. He’s had several websites and, wanting to focus on serving his own clients, wisely hired me and then trusted me to do my job.

His site has all the basics set up, and is already gathering traffic data and analytics. He’s poised to add content marketing and email marketing next year, if he chooses to do so.

Joshua wanted a site that would appeal to both men and women. Jeanne did a beautiful job on the branding. I used a simple, strong fonts for most of the text, and sprinkled the script font around sparingly for just a little oomph.

Consistent Branding

I created a YouTube channel to host all of Joshua’s client video testimonials. I’m a stickler for consistent branding, so it was rewarding to make a cover page that coordinated with the website. I made a matching one for Jeanne to add to his Facebook page, below.


The Reaction

Joshua Eads | Owner, Joshua & Co.


When I told him the site had launched successfully, he texted me a thumbs-up. Lol. Though during our last design revision, he said, “I love the site and all the elements. It’s professional, user-friendly, and modern.” He told me that the style and the layout were savvy, and we got quite a yuk out of that.