Client Story: CURA Hair Solutions

The Clients

Lisa has worked in the hair industry for 15 years, steadily building her reputation as a hair loss expert whose compassion matches her expertise. She’s built a talented team of stylists and colorists who have all had their own struggles with hair loss.

The Challenge

With business booming, Lisa created a beautiful space to welcome clients back after a long year of lockdown. An Instagram darling with many followers, Lisa wanted to send her fans to a new website that matched her new vibe. And being a savvy business woman, she realized the website would need a solid marketing plan.

The Solution

I made sure this website hit all the major areas most likely to impact visitors. It has a beautiful design that complements Cura’s minimalist aesthetic. It highlights the expertise of everyone on the team. It’s informative and technically correct… yet human and approachable. Because every single person who comes through Cura’s door is a little bruised and broken – if not outright devastated – from their battles with hair loss.

We included, not a sprinkling of soggy testimonials like “Lisa is great” but a whole page of straight-up love letters from her clients. We finished by showing off some high-tech equipment and covering the science-y topic of scalp treatments.

The team has continued their Instagram marketing strategy, showcasing gorgeous color work and videos of Lisa sharing expert tips. The footer on the home page features a highlight reel of her most popular posts.

Cura Hair Solutions earned 9 new clients in the 90 days since the launch of this website. With an average of $15K in yearly revenue from each client – and with people remining loyal clients for years – this is a significant addition to Lisa’s bottom line.