White Label Website Design

An ideal solution for SEO & marketing consultants.

In addition to creating websites for small business owners to use for themselves, I also build white label websites for SEO consultants and marketing agencies to sell to their clients.

Outsourcing this type of work allows your company all the benefits of having a dedicated website professional on the team, with none of the hassle, learning curve or overhead.

Perhaps you are an SEO consultant for a client that wants better ranking with search engines. You know their website needs an overhaul and want to offer that service, but you don’t have the technical skills.

Or you’re a graphic design agency who has the skill, but you’d rather focus on the creative aspects of the business. In both of these examples, white label website development is an ideal solution.

How The Process Works

Initial Consultation

In this series of conversations, I find out from you what your client needs. If your client already has a website design, I can do the build. If not, I will handle both design and development.

Take the guesswork out of what you should charge. I’ll give you a quote for the project, you tack on your fee, add your logo and send it to your client. I do the work, you re-sell it at a profit. In the time you save not designing a website, you can take care of other billable tasks.

Design & Development

My approach to website design is content-first. Once I have received all the content, I will begin submitting pages for review according to the project timeline we have agreed upon.

Unlike some agencies that only focus on the look of your client’s website, a Savvy Digital Design site will also focus on security and the user experience. 

The Site Goes Live

After final approval and payment, I launch your site. If you choose, I can also provide ongoing white label maintenance so the site continues to function correctly and perform well.

It can be hard to convince clients to protect their website investment. I can help you build a case for ongoing web care. Again, tack your fee onto mine and re-sell my package to your own clients. 

Ghost Designer or Team Member

I will partner with you in whatever way works best for you. The options are:

No Interaction with Your Client – You manage the client relationship: I work behind the scenes and interact with you alone. During the process, I will send my project updates and content requests to you. You can forward them to your client with your branding. The client will only know that you have a tech person on your team.

Interaction with Your Client – In this scenario, I deal with your clients directly while representing your company. I can participate in meetings and phone calls. Project documentation and requests for materials will come from me directly to your client, but carry your branding. I won’t discuss my company or pricing with them.  

Each white label website shares these features:

Custom WordPress Design

WordPress is my choice of platform because it is endlessly customizable. Each website I build is completely unique: no cookie-cutter templates. You will get a custom site with perfect functionality that meets all of your client’s requirements.

Mobile Friendly UI/UX

Intuitive navigation and a consistent user experience are what keeps visitors on a site longer, increasing the chance that they’ll buy. All websites will look as great and function as well on mobile devices as they do on a laptops and desktops. 

SEO & Google Analytics

Your client’s website will be optimized for search engines before it goes live. After launch, the site will begin generating high-quality search rankings, which will improve how easily the client’s customers can find them.

Want to provide your client incentive to update their existing website? An in-depth performance analysis will do the trick.

website audit report

White Label Service

White Label Website Design

Perfect for your clients who:

  • have an established business
  • need to showcase previous work
  • want to direct social media followers to a portfolio
  • want to be found in Google searches

Each website includes:

  • Up to 8 pages
  • High-resolution stock images
  • Landing page to promote the  website from client’s social media channels
  • Signup form added to the Contact page to collect visitor email addresses
  • Anti-spam protection installed
  • Formatted to look great on all devices and screen sizes
  • Compatible with all major internet browsers

White Label Web Care

This package is ideal for clients who want to avoid embarassing site downtime and expensive website repair.

Outdated software is vulnerable to hackers, spambots, malware and other security risks. And search engines penalize sites that are out of date, meaning that your site will come up lower and lower in search engine results.


  • Two complete backups of the website, stored in separate places
  • Check for and repair broken pages, links and images
  • Update theme and plugins
  • Clean up form and comment spam
  • Detailed report of website traffic, page-loading speed and performance metrics  in an easy-to-read format
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