Client Story:  Mission Reconcile

screenshot of PAL website page 1
screenshot of PAL website page 2

The Client

Kahlida is an attorney and teacher who has a mission to heal the racial divide in our country. Her organization connects predominantly black churches and predominantly white churches together to facilitate organic relationships and talking about racism.

The Challenge

This being a 48in48 event, the main challenge was to complete a website from scratch in 48 hours, ha! Kahlida was helpful in providing lots of copy and original photos. And I had a team of professionals – we were all experts in our fields – who knew how to work quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

We designed the website to look clean and modern with a strong font and vivid colors to match Kahlida’s existing logo. Animated conversation bubbles throughout the site gave nodded to their reliance on discussions. And we think that bit of whimsy was a nice touch alongside some of the heavier topics.


The Reaction

Kahlida Lloyd | Founder, Mission Reconcile


“The website looks great!! Thank you so much for your attentiveness and attention to detail.

I truly love the conversation bubbles throughout the website – it’s definitely an added touch and shows what we do. Every page is neatly laid out and very clean. Thank you for the great use of the info graphic and other pictures it looks great and flows so well on the pages. Really like the results. Greatly appreciate each of you.

Thank you! Thank you!”