Client Story: Howell Station Pizza Company

image of website

The Clients

Two Atlanta-area teenaged boys found themselves b-o-r-e-d over the long summer and rather than stir up trouble, they delighted everyone in their neighborhhod by turning their energies to perfecting pizza dough.

The talked their dad into getting a real pizza oven. Word spread, and neighbors started competing for chance to get on the pen-and-paper list for weekend pizza delivery.

They needed a better system.

The Challenge

Their needs were straightforward: a place to tell their story, and an online order form to streamline the tangle of email, text and phone messages that they were juggling.

The Solution

I put a mix of photos on the website, some of the boys and their dad in action and some of the delicious pizza.  All the information they need to provide fits perfectly on a one-page brochure site.

They needed to collect orders from their neighbors and keeps chaos out of the pizza kitchen. I embedded a Calendly form on the site for customers to use and voila! Easy calendar updates, an intuitive interface and a streamlined process for all.