Client Story:  High School Chorus Club

new website for SSFA

The Client

Chantae is the new director of three separate chorus ensembles at a high school in metro Atlanta. She also performs with the Atlanta Symphony Chorus. She is adept at social media management and making updates to content on her website. But with the demands of her schedule, she needed a full-time webmaster to handle the site.

The Challenge

Over time, the website had become a tangle of navigation and a hodgepodge of design styles. Chantae wanted a fresh clean look using the school’s colors, and parents and students who use the site needed a new user interface so they could quickly and intuitively find information. Bonus challenge: the site is built on the Wix platform, and for budgetary reasons, could not be moved.

The Solution

Chantae showed me several websites that she likes, and a pattern was clear: bold color, easy-to-read, and full of photos of her beloved singers. Fortunately, she loves taking photos during classes and performances, so I had a large pool of fun photos to work with.

I created a new menu hierarchy,  edited and optimized the photos I needed, and culled content from all of her social media channels. Sometimes I have to wait patiently for a clients to give me content, and I must say it was a pleasure to have so much at my disposal this time.

Because this is a website meant for a select group – choral students and their parents, it doesn’t have to convince anyone to buy anything. Most clients must carefully craft an About page, whereas here, Chantae simply uses her impressive bio a message to parents to good effect.

The Reaction

Chantae Pittman | CHS Singing Spartans

“I love our new website, especially the home page. It is exactly what I asked for. It looks clean, modern, and is very easy to navigate.

I recommend Kelly without hesitation. She has a great eye for web designs, is meticulous with details and she takes everything up a notch. Kelly absolutely accomplished every one of my design goals! I’ll be reaching back out to her when I launch my personal page soon.”