Email Marketing Done Right

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Email marketing is potent, persuasive and puts you in directly front of your ideal target market.

And the tools you need are already in place. Everyone you want to do business with has an email account. And everyone checks their email daily, several times per day. It’s usually one of the first things we do each morning.

People have long been accustomed to using email for business transactions. This is especially true now, when reputable businesses require you to opt-in to receiving emails. When someone goes through the extra step of a confirmation process, they want to hear from you.

Email reaches about 85% of the people you send it to (meaning it shows up in their inbox).

Almost 23% of those emails are opened.

Source: OptinMonster

There are many ways to reach your customers, but email marketing does much more than getting messages into inboxes.

  • You can use it to develop relationships with current customers, and/or to reach out to potential customers.
  • Properly targeted email campaigns allow businesses to keep their customers informed and engaged.
  • You can track customer behavior and use that info to customize your marketing messages according to their preferences.

First Check of the Day – Email!

email retention graph

You Send the Message, They See the Message

People need to make a conscious effort into visiting your website’s blog, so your subscribers will not always see new posts you make there.

And with the filters on social media platforms, only a small percentage of your audience on those platforms will even see your message or promotion. Even when you pay them to promote you. It’s a constantly shifting popularity contest.

But every email promotion you send to your targeted list will appear in front of your subscribers. All they need to do is open it. Everyone who opens your email gets your message.

Staying in touch with your customer keeps you at top-of-mind. When they’re ready to buy, their thoughts will turn to the most familiar and present providers. This gives you more opportunities to make sales.

Your emails should provide value to your clients.

Inform & Delight Your Audience

If every message you send says “buy this, hire me” people will quickly tire of them and hit the unsubscribe button. Only one out of every three or four emails you send should be focused on making a sale. The rest of them – the majority of them – should be informative or entertaining.

A realtor could send a referral to the best local gardeners. A fitness studio could send links to home workout videos, and a photographer could send tips on capturing trick-or-treat photos with your cell phone.

woman checks email on laptop at home

This type of marketing is ideal because it doesn’t cost your customer anything, and gives them info on a topic you already know they care about.

A good strategy will keep you at the top of their mind when they do need to hire your services or buy your product.

Email marketing is highly effective – if you’re doing it right.

Targeted Marketing

Email marketing done correctly allows you to target your customers. They reveal their preferences by the kinds of emails they open and the kinds of links they click on. With this data, you can send future emails that are tailored towards their wants and needs.

Email and Blogging Work Together Beautifully 

Savvy business owners know that, between email and blogging, there is a wonderful opportunity to cross-promote your business.

Email subscribers should receive summaries of your blog posts. Each of your blog posts should have an email opt-in for visitors to join your subscriber list.

You can even bring social media into the mix, if you have a following there. Make sure that every LinkedIn post or Instagram story drives followers to your website and email signups.

Grab this benefit at every opportunity, and constantly cross-promote.


email retention graph

Let’s Not Forget the Money

A decent Email Service Provider costs around $10 – $15 per month. For that, you can send all the emails you want.

Think about it: you send out a campaign for a membership drive at your yoga studio, or a home financing strategy to your house hunters. You get a new member or a home sale and you have made hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars. And that email marketing campaign cost what? Pennies.

You can’t afford to miss out on this.

Source data can be found here and all the statistics you could ever want are here.

Are you excited to start email marketing, but dread taking on more work? Give me a holler – I can help.

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